Mount Bromo Rafting Tour Package

Mount Bromo Rafting tour Package is the best choice for rafting adventure in East Java Indonesia. That become one of mount bromo tour packages options and the location in Pekalen river of Ranu Gedang Village Gending subdistrict. From mt bromo area to rafting basecamp need for about 2 hours driving and 4 half hours driving from Surabaya.

The basecamp of rafting in Pekalen river is very popular as a sports arena that refers the adrenaline. Pekalen river bodies that could be use for rafting within 29 miles.

Mount Bromo Rafting Tour Package

Mount Bromo rafting Tour Package

The trip split into 3 section :

  1. Low section : Pekalen river for about 10 kilometers away, this trip is a rafting path with a low level of difficulty or be regarded very easy but does not eliminate excitement when rafting.
  2. Central section: Pekalen river for about 7 kilometer away is a famous for its rafting stream allows adrenaline to rally.
  3. Top section : Pekalen River wiht long Trip 12 kilometers, this trip is the longest path with the beauty of waterfalls in the rafting path.

The Pekalen river also call as a paradise rafting because it combine outstanding natural exotic with a row of bat cave and waterfall that are not found in other rivers, various rapids challenge and have different class variations.

Rafting on the Pekalen river which can also be followed by visitors age 10 to 50 years. The visitors most use a peak of Pekalen river because it’s natural beauty  and have distance 12 km. The trip on this river was need for 3 to 4 hours include rest in basecamp, that was in the middle of  trip while enjoy young coconut fruit.

In addition we can also enjoy the view of waterfall and cave with hundreds of thousands of bats that occasionally scream and fly around us.  The water rafting boats have a capacity of 6 people, including 2 rafting guides on each ship. the rafting is have equipped with safe equipment. So the visitors are guarantee to feel satisfied and enjoy the available facilities.

This tour package you can combine with other tourist attractions like Ijen CraterTumpak Sewu Waterfall and  mount bromo stargazing tour.

Mount Bromo Rafting Tour Package

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